Welcome to the Minnesota Ayurveda Association webpage!

October 27th 10am - 9pm Svasti Yoga
3751 Bloomington Ave. So. Minneapolis 55407


    A fun day full of opportunities to learn about how you can use ayurveda to feel your best!

Kick the day off with Agni Yoga at 10am with Laurie
Enjoy classes throughout the day with local leaders in Ayurveda;
Vanashree Gadam, Asavari Manvikar, Marcia Meredith and more!
Information session from Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda at 5pm
Mini consults and bodywork sessions, vendors, and community!

  •     10am Agni (digestive fire) Yoga - Laurie Reade
  •     11am Intro to Ayurveda - Marcia Meredith, AP, NP
  •     12pm Nada (sound) Yoga - Anna Meher
  •     1pm Dinacharya (daily routine)  - Mary Langfield Neaton
  •     2pm Constipation and Home Remedies for Digestion - Vanashree Gadam, BAMS
  •     3pm Pranayama and Meditation for Digestion - Elizabeth Persico
  •     4pm GERD - Gastro Esphogeal Reflux Disease - Asavari Manvikar, BAMS
  •     5pm Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda  - Marcia & Asavari
  •     6pm Break for dinner
  •     7pm End the day with soul nourishing Kirtan - Dr. Pooja Goswami Pavan!

Tickets available at the door! $20 general admission ($10 MAA members)

We would like to thank this year's sponsors:

    We are looking for vendors, practitioners, volunteers and sponsors!

Vendors and Practitioners please contact Elizabeth

Volunteers and sponsors please contact Vanashree

Mission Statement:
MAA strives to create an inclusive Ayurvedic community in Minnesota through:

Fostering the awareness and growth of Ayurveda by educating the public
Providing an open forum for collaboration and mutual support of our practic
Preserving the integrity of the ancient teachings and practice of Ayurveda